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How to Install cPanel & WHM on Ubuntu 20.04


How to Install cPanel WHM on Ubuntu 20.04. Cpanel recently launched support for Ubuntu servers and you can try this on your Ubuntu 20.04. You can use the specific version 98 of cPanel for Ubuntu. This software is experimental and cannot be used in production environments. This guide is tested on the Google cloud platform with a virtual machine running Ubuntu 20.04. Steps to install cPanel and WHM...

What Is Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress?


Tired of having problems with your website hosting provider’s speed, security, and reliability? Maybe it’s time to switch to Google Cloud Platform for WordPress. In this post, we will help you make an informed decision about GCP and discuss two methods for installing WordPress on it. When you build a website, there are two things you’ll need before you can publish it — a...

6 Top eCommerce Security Threats and Solutions of 2022


According to recent studies, 32% of direct and organic traffic to eCommerce sites comes from Invalid Traffic — bots, malicious users, or suspicious users. In this article, we will dive deeper into some of these threats and offer the best solutions to address them. When launching an eCommerce website, attracting the right customers is critical to its success. Many teams have goals and...

How to Install aaPanel on Ubuntu 20.04


aaPanel is an open-source and lightweight server control panel used for managing a web hosting environment. It is a simple alternative to other famous control panels including, cPanel, VestaCP, etc. It comes with a simple and user-friendly web UI that makes your job easier for managing a web hosting environment. It consumes very low resources and offers an auto-installer that allows you to...

How to Install Memcached on CentOS 8


Memcached is a free and open-source high-performance in-memory key-value data store. Typically, it used as a caching system to speed up applications by caching various objects from the results of database calls. This article shows how to install and configure Memcached on CentOS 8. Installing Memcached on CentOS Memcached packages are included in the default CentOS 8 repositories. The...

Elementor vs Gutenberg – the 2021 Showdown: Which Page Builder is Better?


Are we even able to remember the times when WordPress functioned without page builders? Time flies, technology advances and WordPress with its very limited capabilities is just a vague memory now, thanks to WordPress themes’ functionalities, but especially WordPress plugins, such as page builders. In this article, we’re going to cover two of the most popular page builders among OceanWP users –...

How to install WordPress Toolkit on WHM/cPanel?


WordPress toolkit allows the installation, configuration, and management of WordPress. It is available with the Lite and Delux versions. Please note that WordPress Manager deprecated from cPanel & WHM version 92. Server Requirement: Ensure that your server has the below-mentioned configurations to run the WordPress. MySQL: 5.7 or laterPHP: 7.4 PHP Extension: curl, dom...

A Simple Guide to Getting Backlinks for SEO


Backlinks are an integral part of your SEO content marketing strategy. Search engines think of backlinks as votes for your content. While there are some backlinks that aren’t great for your site (which we’ll get into), the more backlinks you have in general, the higher your search engine ranking will be. What Backlinks Are (and Aren’t) A backlink is created when one website links to another...

How to Install Luminar AI for Mac OS X


In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Luminar AI for Mac without errors. You just need to follow this simple step by step video tutorial guide to install Luminar AI for Mac on MacBook. Useful Links Download Link of Luminar Ai 1.5  for Mac Neat Download Manager for Mac to Download Files Installing apps from the Mac App Store is easy because the app handles the download, installation, and...

How to manage cPanel Mail Exchanger (MX) records


About cPanel MX (Mail Exchanger) Records cPanel manages your e-mail using its own mail server. However, you can modify Mail Exchanger (MX) DNS entries to route your web site’s e-mail to other mail servers if necessary. If you change your MX entry settings, cPanel no longer handles your e-mail settings. Only advanced users who fully understand the effects of changing MX entries should do so...

How to convert from CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux 8


How to convert from CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux 8 – Hi if you received this message from cPanel and you want to update centos thank please follow the setup below CentOS 8 will reach End of Life (EOL) on all systems on December 31, 2021. This means that after this date, CentOS will no longer provide bug, security, or feature updates to CentOS 8. We encourage you to convert to AlmaLinux 8 before...

How to use keywords


How to use keywords – Now that you analyzed the keywords, you can start thinking about how to use them within your content. Many keyword research guides end at this point. You’ve found the keyword. You picked the ones with the best metrics. The question is: What to do next? How to use keywords In this chapter, we’ll take a look at some useful principles and tips on how to use the...

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