Install aaPanel Hosting Control Panel Open Source, a simple but powerful control panel, that can manage the web server through a web-based GUI(Graphical User Interface). you can easily install aapanel on ubuntu, centos, or Debian
aaPanel provides the one-click function such as one-click install LNMP/LAMP developing environment and software. Our main goal is to help users to save the time of deploying, thus users just focus on their own projects which is fine.

Abundant Panel Expansion

The aaPanel modular development concept allows you to install only the extensions you want so that your server is no longer bloated.

Resource monitoring

Monitor your server resource occupancy in real-time, allowing you to better understand its load capacity.

Free security extension

The panel provides a free anti-spam gateway, Nginx WAF, SSH login reminder, and security extension of the system firewall.

Powerful online editor

The aaPanel adds a powerful online editor, combined with the file manager you can easily develop online on Linux.

Requirements for Install aaPanel Hosting Control Panel

  • Memory: 512M or more, 768M or more is recommended (Pure panel for about 60M of system memory)
  • Hard disk: More than 100M available hard disk space (Pure panel for about 20M disk space)
  • System: CentOS 7.1+ (Ubuntu16.04+., Debian9.0+), to ensure that it is a clean operating system, there is no other environment with Apache/Nginx/php/MySQL installed (the existing environment can not be installed)

Linux Panel Installation Command

Install aaPanel Hosting Control Control Panel is Open source developed based on Centos, we recommend using Centos to install it

Centos :

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash

The experimental Centos/Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora installation command supports ipv6. Note that this command is executed with root privileges (Centos8 is supported)

curl -sSO && bash

Install aapanel on ubuntu or deepin

wget -O && sudo bash

Debian :

wget -O && bash

how to Install aapanel on the none root server

sodu yum install -y wget
sodu wget -O
sodu bash

Constantly added free features

Main FunctionOne-Click lamp/lnmpWebsite management, Data management FTP management, System monitoring, All-round File management system, online editorSafety management, Scheduled tasksSoftware management
Software EnvironmentNginx, Apache, OpenLiteSpeed, MySQL, PHP, Pure-Ftpd, phpMyAdmin, Tomcat, PM2 Manager, Docker Manager, MongoDB, Memcached, RedisGitLab
System ToolsSYS FirewalldLinux Tools
aaPanel PluginJava Project manager, DNS ManagerD, DNS Manager, Mail Server, Fail2 ban One click to deploy a website, One-click migration API version, Python Project manager, PostgreSQL Manager, WebHook, PHP Guardian, SSH Terminal
Storage pluginFTP Storage, S3 Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive Storage
One-click deploymentWordPress, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, Roundcube

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