Windows 11 available for download now – Microsoft Windows 11’s new themes and dark / light mode improvements are also part of this preview, alongside the new Widgets feature. All of the new themes — Glow, Captured Motion, Sunrise, and Flow — are designed with the centered taskbar in mind, and Microsoft has coupled them with new sounds in Windows 11 as you use the OS.

Most of the Windows 11 visual changes that Microsoft revealed last week will be available in this initial preview. The new Start menu with its centered launcher-like interface is part of this build, alongside rounded corners throughout the OS and improvements to the notification center, volume flyouts, and more. If your PC has an accelerometer, the Windows 11 lock screen will also include a parallax motion effect. The new Windows 11 File Explorer. Two big Windows 11 features are missing, though: Microsoft Teams integration and Android apps on Windows. Both are still being developed and tested by Microsoft but will appear in later preview builds.

New media controls in Windows 11. Image: Microsoft

This Windows 11 preview also includes Microsoft’s new Snap Groups and Snap Layouts features, to improve multitasking across a variety of screen sizes. These new Snap features build on a lot of the multitasking features that have been in Windows for years but make them easier to discover and more useful — particularly in multiple-monitor scenarios. Microsoft is also overhauling the Settings section of Windows 11. This preview build include changes that make it easier to navigate around and find the setting you need. Settings now has a left-hand navigation panel that persists throughout, making it quicker to switch between sections. Microsoft has built new “hero” controls at the top that offer quick access to information or settings that are relevant for each section. Overhauled Settings in Windows 11.

Image: Microsoft Alongside the Windows 11 preview today, Microsoft is also releasing a preview of its Office refresh for Windows 11. The updated UI includes rounded corners in Office apps to match Windows 11 and some changes to how the dark and light modes work. If you’re interested in testing the Windows 11 preview build, you’ll need to enroll in the Windows Insiders program and then navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program on a Windows 10 device to enable the Dev Channel and obtain Windows 11 builds.

What are the new features of Windows 11?

These are the best features of Windows 11 and Windows 11:

The new version of Windows 11 provides a better interface for users compared to the Windows 10 interface, as it comes with a simpler and more beautiful interface with circular edges windows, with a new sound, a new font, and a new icon for the system, in addition to a redesigned taskbar, so that it is concentrated in the center with icons that allow quick access to different apps and tasks, along with a new Start button that makes it easy to access your most-used apps and recently opened files, including Office files stored online through Microsoft 365. 

Enhanced multitasking features

Windows 11 and Windows 11 provide the user with many multitasking features to run more than one application or program together on the same screen, such as the Snap Layouts feature, which allows the user to easily choose from more than one scheme to open several applications together on the same screen, by referring to the Zoom button The window, and the Snap Groups feature to open a group of applications together on the same screen with just one click, in addition to the Desktops feature, which allows you to create a desktop dedicated to working, study or play. 

Integration with Microsoft Teams to chat with friends 

The new Windows 11 features also include integration with the video chat application and the Microsoft Teams service, where the service now comes integrated into the taskbar, which allows the user to communicate, whether text, voice, or video with his contacts easily through one click on the application icon in The taskbar, regardless of the device they are using, whether Windows, Android or iOS.

A new way to access information faster through widgets 

And Microsoft re-designed the Widgets feature to preview information faster and easier, as it appears in a sidebar by simply clicking on its icon in the taskbar so that a customized summary of information appears supported by artificial intelligence technologies, which allows the user to see the time, task schedule, weather, and the latest news and notifications.

New App Store Microsoft Store

Windows 11 also offers a solution to one of the biggest problems in Windows 10, as it brings a new Microsoft Store for applications with a new, better design that makes it easier to find content, which will provide the user to explore games, movies, and series along with applications, while displaying content in coordinated groups to make it easier to find, in addition to Providing many leading applications such as, Visual Studio, Disney Plus, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom and Canva.

The new Microsoft Store in Windows 11 allows developers to publish their own applications, including Win32 programs, web applications, and UWP applications, which allows access to all programs and applications from one place, and Microsoft said that it allows developers to get 100% of the revenue when using the special payment method. They, without being bound by Microsoft’s payments system.

Better gaming experience based on Xbox features 

Windows 11 also brings gamers a set of features of the new generation of Xbox consoles ( Xbox Series X and Series S ), most notably the AutoHDR feature that improves colors even with games that do not support HDR when played on a screen that supports the new technology, in addition to the DirectStorage feature that speeds up Opening of games or loading times of games when there is SSD NVMe storage. 

Windows 11 also supports various Xbox accessories, including the new wireless joystick, gaming mouse, mechanical keyboards, headphones that support surround sound technology, external graphics processing units, and others, with support for integration with the Xbox Game Pass service that comes built into the system. Based on the new Xbox application, which originally allows the user to play in the cloud via the Internet via the xCloud service. 

Run Android apps directly on Windows devices

One of the most prominent features of the new version of Windows 11 is the ability to install and use Android applications directly on their Windows computers, in cooperation with the Amazon App Store based on Intel Bridge technology from Intel, which is a big step from Microsoft if the applications run efficiently and smoothly.

Better performance and safer experience 

The features of Windows 11 include performance improvements, which was confirmed by users who reviewed the leaked version of the system, and Microsoft says that it is designed to provide the best secure user experience, with new built-in security technologies, in addition to collaborating with partner manufacturers to improve security requirements. 

Improve the touch experience 

And when using Windows 11 on a tablet without a keyboard like the Surface Pro 7 , the user will get a better touch experience, by expanding the space between the icons in the taskbar and adding larger touch targets and precise visual cues to make it easier to resize and move windows, with gesture support, she said. Microsoft said that the new version of Windows supports vibration feedback when using the pen, in addition to providing improvements to the voice typing feature.

Update once a year 

Unlike Windows 10, Microsoft has said that Windows 11 will receive a single annual feature update, provided that security updates and updated updates are provided several times a year, which means that the system will receive a major update once a year. 

When is Windows 11 available for download? 

Windows 11 is available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 computers with specifications that make them eligible for the upgrade, during the last quarter of 2021 or the first quarter of the next year 2022.

What devices are eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 requires a computer running a 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor with two or more cores on a 64-bit processor, with 4 GB of RAM, at least 64 GB of storage, TPM 2 support, a DirectX 12 compatible graphics card, and a screen scale greater than 9 inches in 720p resolution, and Microsoft has provided a tool or software to verify that the device is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11. 

What is the price of Windows 11?

While Windows 11 is available as a free upgrade for users of Windows 10 devices and is also available when purchasing new computers from various manufacturers late this year 2021, it is expected to be available for purchase for other users, but Microsoft, which sells Windows 10 now at a starting price of $ 139, has not yet revealed Windows 11 price (we will add the price as soon as it is officially available).

Is it possible to continue to use Windows 10 after the launch of Windows 11?

Microsoft confirmed that users can continue to use Windows 10 after the launch of Windows 11, as support for Windows 10 continues until October 14, 2025, and after installing the Windows 11 upgrade, users can return to Windows 10 within a period of 10 days while retaining files and data.  Windows 11 available for download now

Windows 11, available for download now

These are direct links where you can download Windows11. We do not recommend our users install it before the final release as this can cause damage to your system. Complete configuration requirements and installation guides are not available for now.


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