What are the new features in the latest CSS release?

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What are the new features in the latest CSS release?

The latest CSS release is CSS View Transitions Level 1, which became a Candidate Recommendation on September 5, 20231. This specification defines a way to create smooth transitions between different views of the same document, such as tabs, slides, or pages2. Some of the features of this specification are:

  • The view property, which allows you to define a named view for an element and its descendants.
  • The view-transition property, which allows you to specify the duration, timing function, and delay of the transition between views.
  • The view-transition-start and view-transition-end pseudo-classes, which allow you to style the elements before and after the transition.
  • The view-transition-cancel pseudo-class, which allows you to style the elements when the transition is canceled by the user or the script.
  • The view-transition-event interface, which allows you to listen to events related to the transition, such as viewtransitionstartviewtransitionend, and viewtransitioncancel.

You can see some examples of how to use these features in this demo.

Some other new features that are coming soon or have recently landed in CSS are:

These are some of the best new CSS features for 2023. I hope you find them useful and interesting. 😊

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