No fluff, no filler, just the cold hard facts and the secrets that most YouTubers don’t want you to know about what it really takes to grow from zero on YouTube today. So grab a note pad and hit that like button if you’re ready to do this. Let’s dive in. Welcome to Tip Tuesday where I share bite sized bright ideas to build your business. So we’re going to get into the 11, yes, I said 11. If you’re familiar with me, you know that I’m going to go deep in this video and I’m going to get into the nitty gritty details. That’s why you love me, right? That’s why I love you. If you’re new here welcome and make sure you hit that subscribe button.

We’re going to go into 11 steps of what it actually takes to grow from scratch, nil, nada, nothing, zero subscribers, zero views. Before we do that, you need to know some foundational things. So first thing is you need to understand where your traffic is actually coming from and where you’re actually going to get those subscribers and those views from. There’s really two places that you’re focusing on, suggested traffic and search traffic. So suggested means that your video is popping up beside my video or other people’s videos and that’s where people are discovering you for the first time or you’re getting found in search.

If someone’s looking for a particular topic, your video is showing up in front of them. So those are the two main ways that you grow a YouTube channel from scratch. I’m going to pull that in throughout. I’m going to dive into the nitty gritty details of exactly how you figure out where that traffic is coming from a little later in the video, but right now let’s get into these 11 steps. Now, this is not really one of those steps but before we get into them I just wanted to say this real quick. So quick right off the bat, when you’re asking people to subscribe to your channel, which I just asked you to do, you want to stay subscribe and hit the bell, because if people hit the bell, they’re going to get notified every time you post a new video and every time you go live.

If they don’t hit the bell, they’re turning on some notifications basically, they have notifications for some of the things that you’ll post but not everything. So the hitting that bell is really important because it turns on all notifications for your subscribers which will drive more viewership from your existing subscribers. So remember that, subscribe and hit the bell. So why am I qualified to teach this? Well, because I’ve actually taught thousands of people how to grow from zero and I have a club called the 100K Club, which I’ve mentioned before, where are we have clients that have gone from zero to 100,000 subscribers in less than 10 months, like Linda Raynier, Apollonia Ponti and Schellea Fowler from Fabulous50s and lots more where that came from as well, and I hope your next after watching this. The first thing that I wanted to talk about is you have to fill the holes. That’s step number one, fill the holes, because when you’re first starting, it’s really hard to compete with all of the other videos that are out there and the 400 hours of video that are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

This is the most important step, you cannot skip this step, especially if you’re at zero subscribers right now. So what I mean by filling the holes is, in order to get discovered in search, you have to rank super high. So you have to have some clout, some authority built already. In order to get pushed and suggested, you need to have lots of engagement but how do you get those things when you’re starting from zero? You find holes that you can fill, meaning that you find gaps in search volume and search results where you have an opportunity to rank number one. So in order to illustrate this point and explain it thoroughly, I wanted to show you one of our clients who grew from zero subscribers and his ranking on the first page of Google and on YouTube with his videos when he started from zero.

Let’s take a look. Meet Dr.Ruben, Dr. Ruben is one of our clients and he started his channel just three weeks ago from scratch, no views, no subscribers, but he’s racking up a pretty solid amount of views on his videos. How’s he doing this? Let’s take a look. So Reuben is following our exact formula. This topic that he chose to do one of his videos on has 110 searches per month which is perfect for a brand new channel between a hundred and thousand. And if you check out the competition there are 40,000 search results, so that’s a pretty small pool, he’s not competing against millions of results. So what happens when you follow the formula? Well, let’s take a look. If you look on YouTube, there he is on page one and he is just below massive channels like Ted and a lot of other really solid channels on here as well.

So he filled the hole, because a lot of these videos up at the top are pretty old. So YouTube is looking for some fresh content here, he’s fresh content in a topic with high search volume and low competition in relation to the size of his channel. And on Google, same thing, check it out, he is number four out of 228,000 results because he’s filled the hole using that formula, search volume, search pool and views and velocity. Tip number two, be the best. I’m not going to sit here and tell you to be unique or just be yourself because that’s great advice, but you as you are is unique enough. So what you really need to focus on is being the best, and this is proven throughout, not just YouTube but if you’re a blogger or any kind of business that wants to get found online, the best way to do it, the simplest way to put it is you have to be the best on the topic. So tactically how do you do this? You do your research.

When you decide why you want to make your video on, I want you to go and find the top ranking blog articles and videos on that topic, watch at least the first three ranking and figure out how you can make your version better. Maybe it’s through updated content, maybe it’s through your own experience and intel because no one else has that. Whatever it is, you want to make the best, most in depth version of that piece of content, because that makes you the best and the most authoritative on that topic. And that’s going to help you get discovered faster and also boosts you up in the rankings so you can start growing with new viewers and subscribers coming in at all hours of the day because your video is just getting discovered all day. Tip number three is traffic hacking.

I know I’m touching my hair a lot of guys, this curly hair is insane. So traffic hacking is something that often happens on family channel, like family blog channels and also on just big entertainment blogger channels, and it’s basically using the same title over and over again. So a lot of channels will actually work together to do this and they’ll say, okay, I’m going to make a video on X topic and you should make a video on it on the same day and then they all blow up together. I’m going to show you real quick a screenshot of exactly what I mean by this. So this is kind of a random example, but you can take a look here, how many videos have the title breakup prank on girlfriend. And all of these sort of knock offs of one another and videos with the same idea because once it’s done, once it gets a lot of views, then hey, that’s proof that it works. So you can see here, if I click on one of the videos, that’s their breakup prank on girlfriend. This video from a completely different channel is up next, so it’s going to pull views from this video and get views on this video. So that’s how your suggested strategy can work by using the exact same title as some of the most popular videos in your niche.

Four, the script for retention. You cannot control views and subscribers, the vanity metrics are really hard to control on YouTube. So what I really want you to focus on is watch time and retention because you can control that. I’m sure you’re probably also thinking how long should my video be? Good question and the answer to that is, it totally depends on what you’re talking about, but here’s kind of my golden rule is, you want to make it concise, doesn’t mean it has to be short, but it needs to be concise. You don’t need to add fluff, filler or explain why people need to watch the video, you just need to give them what they need to know and what they want to see. Of course, if you have a shorter video, ideally your retention is going to be higher because it’s shorter, but that also is not increasing your watch time because it’s a short video so it’s not racking up minutes on your channel.

So really the sweet spot is, give people what they’re looking for and do it in a concise way. I have videos that are 50 minutes long because people need to know every single thing and it to get the outcome they’re after, that retention is still really high and they’re watching the whole thing. I also have videos that are like five minutes long and the retention is super high but it’s not adding a ton of watch time to my channel. So just concise, keep your videos as concise as possible. Before we go any further, what are your biggest goals with YouTube? I want you to put them below in the comments and let’s all just support each other here on this channel. That’s what this is all about, we are a family, we are a community, so let’s support one another. Number five is to optimize.

Don’t get scared by that word, it’s not as scary as you think. And I’m actually going to put some free training below on how to do your titles and your tags and your description, so make sure you check that out. But if you don’t have the keyword that you’re trying to get discovered for in search, or you want to get pushed for and suggested in the title of your video, it’s just not going to get founded or sink to the bottom of the sea on YouTube. So make sure that you have that setup. But outside of that, in order to optimize your videos, there’s a couple of things that you can look at. Let’s dive into that right now. One of the things that you can do to optimize your video that not a lot of people think about it, when you actually should post your video, and I’m a big believer that if you choose the time your audience will get used to it and they will show up regardless.

But you do want to take one thing into consideration, take a look at your analytics and go to demographics. This is the older version, this is not the YouTube Studio, but this is the older version of Creator Studio Classic and you can see the actual map of where the majority of your watch time is coming from and where the majority of your views are coming from. So if I’m reaching these people in these places, mostly North America, then I want to take into consideration that I probably should be posting in a time where PST and EST times zones are satisfied and making sure that I’m posting at a time when they’re actually awake and able to watch videos. So that’s just a really quick little tip to post your videos at a time when the audience you’re trying to reach is actually active and awake on social media.

Six, thumbnails. A big part of success on YouTube now is your CTR, your click-through rate, and in order for people to actually click on your video, your thumbnail has to be engaging and attractive. For me my golden rules are, no more than four words, and if you’re wondering, do I put words on my thumbnail, do I not,[inaudible 00:10:29]how do you do it? It’s confusing. I experiment great experiment because I need to teach you guys some stuff. I will say that mostly for new channels is really, really important to put words on your thumbnails because people don’t know you yet, you don’t have the clout to get the clicks without words on your thumbnails. So no more than four words and try and make them as engaging as possible. Now I wanted to show you some analytics that is going to help you figure out what kind of thumbnails to make. Really great way to figure out how your YouTube thumbnails are performing and which ones are doing better than others, so you can start making more thumbnails like that is to look in analytics and this is in YouTube Studio Beta. To go into analytics and go to the section that says reach viewers and you’ll see impressions and then impressions click through rates. This is what you want to see. You want to know from these impressions how many people actually clicked through to go to the video and that says a lot about the thumbnail, and if it made people interested to watch the video or not. So that’s for, don’t start YouTube before watching this, that video and then this one is building your personal brand. You can see the click-through rate is slightly higher here and the thumbnail is slightly different.

So this is a good way to start diving into your analytics when it comes to thumbnails to figure out what’s making people click and how you can format your thumbnails to optimize your videos a little bit better. Seven, focus on your fans. I know it’s so easy to get caught up in, I want 100,000 subscribers or I want a million views, it doesn’t matter if you’re not focusing on the people who were there with you from day one. Those are your ride or dies. Those are the people who deserve your love and attention and admiration and they will be with you for the rest of your life. There’s an amazing article called A Thousand True Fans, I’ve read it, I talk about it all the time, I’ll link to it below as well and I highly recommend you read it because it talks about the fact that you just need 1000 true fans.

As any business or brand or channel, that’s the most important thing and to really harvest the relationship with those people. So a couple of ways you can do that, in the first 24 hours of posting your video on YouTube, comment back to people, respond to their comments, build a community. And another really cool thing you can do is creating a Facebook group. I did this when my channel was first starting to grow and it grew to I think about 20,000 people in that Facebook group. It becomes an amazing place to ask people what they want to see on your channel, what kind of content are they enjoying. It also creates this engagement group of people who are going to watch your video first. So Facebook groups are a great way to harvest that community with the people who first show up for you on your channel and to build that raving fan base who’s going to help you grow to 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 true fans on your channel. Eight, hype yourself, be your own hype man.

There are so many people who make videos and don’t spend any time promoting them and I find it so bizarre because YouTube is not going to do the work for you, you got to kind of give it a sign that your video is good and quality. So push it out to, if you have a Facebook group, Facebook group, email list, social media, all the different platforms, push your video out, promote yourself, because it will drive engagement back to your video which will tell YouTube, oh I should share this and suggest it or this should be the number one ranked video on this topic because look at all of the engagement it’s getting. I was going to make a full tutorial actually on how I promote my video specifically on Instagram because a lot of my traffic comes from there, so if you want me to do that, let me know in the comments below just by putting Insta.

And I wanted to show you real quick analytics you can pay attention to, to figure out which platforms you’re promoting your videos on that are working the best for you so you can keep doing it even more so. If you’re trying to figure out where to promote your videos, this tells you a lot. If you go into your analytics for each specific video and you take a look at traffic sources external, it’s going to tell you where the traffic is coming from outside of YouTube. So you can see Instagram is one of my top external traffic sources and Gmail, which means my email list. So sending my videos at my email list obviously drives a lot of traffic.

Twitter, Facebook, and then just general online searches, but this is a really good tool to use to figure out which platforms are working the best for you and how can you leverage them even more to drive even more views. Nine, we’re so close, channel branding. This is prime real estate. If People don’t know what they’re going to get from your channel right when they land on it, why are they going to subscribe? So make sure that your channel banner is set up for success and brand your channel in a way that tells people you should subscribe because you’re going to get X, Y, and Z from watching my videos. Make it super benefit driven, it’s not about you, it’s about why people should be watching to increase your views and subscribing to increase your subscribers from scratch. Pretty basic role. The other thing that you can do to brand your channel and get more subscribers is adding a watermark to all of your videos. It’s a clickable watermark, you can see it on this video, I’ll link to it in the description and you can check it out there and also did you see what they did there? Increasing my watch time.

See, practice what I preach. 10 is analytics. I want you to say this with me now, analytics over views. If you’re not paying attention to your analytics, you have no idea why people are watching, where they’re coming from or how you can get more subscribers and views. So I will talk about this till I’m blue in the face, you have to pay attention to the data. I have so many clients and so many people who we work with who are like, I’m just not growing fast enough and I’m like, compared to what? And they don’t know because they haven’t been looking at their analytics or data, so that’s just your own brain telling you you’re not good enough and you’re not worthy of views and subscribers. And you talking yourself out of it when you don’t actually know the cold hard facts and data that you can use to grow your channel faster. So please pay attention to your analytics and here are a few that you should be watching. And as your channel starts to grow, you want to pay attention to things like which videos are performing the best. So you can just go into your channel and go to most popular and see which videos are generating the most views. And you can also do this to other channels with similar audiences you’re trying to attract, and this will help you create content topics that you know your audience is interested in.

So YouTube really is a topic based platform. Once you dominate in one subject, you’ll continue to be able to dominate in that subject because YouTube trusts that you’re making great content on it. So as you can tell, a lot of my topics that perform super well are about video content, are about YouTube, Instagram and social media in general. But really YouTube generally kind of takes the cake and that’s why when I create videos about YouTube, I know that I’m going to get a lot of traction because it’s favored in the algorithm for my channel specifically. So that’s something to keep in mind. Now the other thing to take a look at is what are people searching for when it comes to your channel? Make videos on those topics. So this is in traffic sources under your analytics. If you go in here, you’ll see what are people looking at, to figure out where my channel is, to find my channel, to come across my channel and pay attention to these subjects. Those are the topics you want to make videos on. And if you went to suggested videos, what videos are pushing traffic to your channel, a lot of them will be your own as you start to grow, but some of them will be from other channels and we’ll be on topics that could be good for you to cover as well, because these are all driving traffic to you already. So you could potentially make a video on this topic too to really build that momentum. And the final thing I want you to take a look at in your analytics is going video by video. So going to each individual video and seeing which videos are driving the most subscribers to your channels because those are the topics that you want to create more videos around. So this makes it pretty simple to figure out, if I really want to start growing fast, I need to double down on the topics that are bringing in the most views, the most subscribers and really own those topics in my niche and my category. Number 11, we made it, if you’re still with me, still watching this, please put I’m with you in the comments and congratulations seriously because you are seriously invested in growing your channel, and it’s going to happen because you’re paying attention to all of these tips. 11 is consistency. I have to say it, it’s probably been said a million times, but truly when your channel will start to see actual momentum is when you decide to take this seriously and be consistent. Even one video a week, that’s kind of the bare minimum I think to really start to gain traction, and that’s what I’ve always done is just one video a week consistently on the same day of the week. So you set up a viewing pattern with your audience and they know every Tuesday at 6:45 Sunny is going to have a new video out, that’s when I need to go watch because people are busy, they’ll forget, so you need to set up a pattern for them in their schedules to watch your content. So be consistent. And as promised, if you want to know more about optimizing your videos and really growing fast, I have a guide below this video, click the link and it’s going to show you how to grow from zero to 100,000 subscribers in less than 12 months using one of my clients as a case study with the step by step of how she got there. So check that out and you know the drill now. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to share it out on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and all the places, and the more people that can see this, the more people we can help grow and building this community, this family, and building you in your own success. So what are you gonna do? Take a picture. I did a few poses because everyone kept hearing the same one. So take a picture, share it out on your Instagram stories, tag me, and I’ll be sure to share it on my stories as well and shoot you over a DM. Thank you so much you guys for watching. If you liked this video, hit that like button below, share it with your friends and fellow entrepreneurs and be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos every single week.